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To purchase geckos I ask that you e-mail me via address at the bottom of the page. Let me know which gecko(s) you are interested in; before selling to you I may have questions about how you plan to care for the gecko(s). Regarding shipping: Shipping is not included in the prices listed. If weather is below 40F overnight or over 80F daytime, geckos are held at no cost to you until weather improves. Send your zip code for a shipping quote! We are in the north central Illinois area and can sometimes travel reasonable distances to meet up.

Click the thumbnails to see bigger pics and the price. They're all currently feeding on Pangea Fruit Mix Complete, Pangea Fruit Mix Original, hand-blended fruit mixes as treats, and starting at two weeks of age they are offered weekly Blaptica dubia roaches, which I encourage new owners to keep up with as live food promotes natural growth.

On sex guarantees: I do my best to sex animals accurately before listing, and I do note if I am certain about the sex, or if I am possibly seeing pores/bulge. However, unless a gecko is marked guaranteed male or female on the top section of its listing, sex is not guaranteed.

We generally operate on a first paid, first served basis, though inquirers will be passed over if they do not seem interested in proper care, so please be thoughtful in your inquiries and let me know in your initial contact whether you have experience with the species or if you need assistance with setup - I am happy to help. Please click the thumbnails for more pictures and info. While I am happy to provide more photos when I have time, please check the date on the photos posted; geckos do not change that much in a couple of weeks' time, and waiting for more photos may mean someone else purchases first.

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Shipping Info, Terms, & Health Guarantee

See a gecko you want? Here's how to make the process run most smoothly:
1. Read the terms below.
2. E-mail me and let me know which animal(s) you are interested in, and what your zip code is so I can give you a shipping quote. Also let me know if you have experience with the species. I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can and we can talk payment then.
3. Wait for appropriate shipping weather (and feel free to contact me in the meantime with any questions).
4. Understand that I will never ship unless I have contacted you first to let you know when your gecko is coming, and I have heard back from you!

Holds: At no additional cost, in some circumstances geckos may be held for shipping until the weather warms or cools appropriately. Please do not make a purchase unless you are willing to wait for appropriate temperatures for shipment.

We will not ship until overnight and daytime temperatures on both ends reach between 40 and 80 degrees Farenheit. When possible, temperatures at hubs through which the gecko shipments will pass will also be taken into consideration. No holds will be guaranteed unless entire cost of gecko is covered. Gecko orders under $250 (not including shipping) must be paid for in full in one payment.

If you change your mind on a sale after making payment (whether you wish to end the transaction or switch to another gecko), we reserve the right to keep a 25% non-refundable deposit, so please make sure you are 100% committed to the gecko you choose before placing your order.

Payment plans: will be considered for orders costing $250 and over only. Down payment must be at least 1/4 the cost of the order. This 25% deposit is non-refundable and the rest of the payment must be completed within 30 days from the date of initial down payment. Please keep in mind that the shipping window can be short, so sometimes payment plans will not be accepted due to weather.

Meeting up: Those able to visit the northern IL/southern WI area to pick up geckos must pre-pay and the payment must clear before geckos are rehomed with you.

We ship to the continental 48 United States. If you wish to have animals exported to other countries, please have everything cleared through your importer/exporter before approaching for purchase.

Shipping averages around $45, but may be more or less depending on how far you are from us. You pay shipping only one time per order, no matter the number of geckos. We offer shipping via FedEx Priority Overnight, insured through ShipYourReptiles. Send your zip code for a shipping quote.

We heavily recommend that you have the package shipped to your nearest FedEx Ship Center hub. We can look the nearest up for you, or you can do it by looking for a FedEx Ship Center which allows customer pickups. This reduces the time the package is in a non-temperature-controlled environment, and may potentially cost you a bit less.

If you need the package shipped to your home: on average, Fedex Priority Overnight shipments arrive by 10:30AM. HOWEVER, this can vary and shipments may show up later in the day depending on how far you are from your local hub. To find out when your package is supposed to arrive according to the FedEx website, please ask before ordering. If you are unable to set aside an entire day off to wait for the package, we recommend a hub hold.

Unfortunately, delays happen sometimes due to airplane maintenance or unexpected storms. We are not responsible for carrier delays or other issues with the carrier, but we will work with you to keep you informed of delays. We pack well, so even our late geckos arrive healthy and safe!

We ship only Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for next-day arrival, as weather and schedule allows.

Payment is accepted through Paypal; we can also receive credit card payments via Paypal. Shipment is made to the address listed in the Paypal fields, so please make sure your Paypal information is up-to-date when making payment. Your contact name and Paypal/shipping info must match. We will verify your shipping address with you before shipment and also ask that you have a contact phone number available to add to the package.

Lost contact clause: If you make payment and lose contact without warning (ie, we are planning to ship soon, or you are due to make a payment on your payment plan), effort will be made to contact you for 2 weeks; at the end of this time, all funds except the 25% deposit will be refunded and your gecko(s) will be re-listed for others. If you will be out of town/unavailable for longer than 2 weeks, please inform us ahead of time so we do not think you have disappeared.

We offer a one-week health guarantee on all shipped geckos unless otherwise notified; if your gecko falls ill within that week, when returned, we will either replace it if we have a similarly priced animal, or offer a credit for the amount paid to our website for use with other stock. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. Important! We must be notified via e-mail, facebook page message, or text immediately within 1 hour of receipt of gecko. You must be available to accept the package at your door, or as soon as possible from your FedEx Ship Center, at time of delivery/receipt, and contact us WITHIN ONE HOUR to let us know the package was received, or this health guarantee is null and void, as leaving a gecko outside in the weather can be harmful.

Health guarantee does not include outside injuries. Examples of injuries we do not cover include, but are not limited to: cat attacks, burns, getting caught in an enclosure door, choking on feeder insects which were too large, and other improper husbandry. This guarantee does not include tail loss. Refunds are subject to questions about your husbandry practices as well as photo or video proof of injury or death.

We reserve the right to refuse sale. Sales will not be made to minors under the age of 18 - have your parents/guardians contact us to proceed. No geckos are held, reserved, or promised unless payment is made.

If you send payment, it is assumed that you have read and agreed to these terms.

Terms last updated 9/26/18

Contact Us

Drop a line anytime at JB(at)JBsCresties(dot!)com - you will usually receive a reply within 24 hours during weekdays, and sometimes a bit longer on weekends. No information on this website or given in e-mail is to be taken as suitable replacement for adequate veterinary care. If you are experiencing an emergency with your gecko, do not delay in contacting a veterinarian with reptile experience.

Gecko sellers: print-your-own warning labels for use at shows
Use with Address Labels that measure 1" x 2-5/8" at 30 labels per sheet
Click here for OpenOffice version (.odt), click here for Word version (.doc), and click here for larger non-label-sized version for taping on boxes.